• “Architect Partners catalyzed conversations with Opera Software and helped craft a deal many times better than the original offer.”

    —Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire CEO

  • “This was a very difficult and complex transaction…I do not think this would have gotten done without the special efforts made by our advisor.”

    —Bryan Kennedy, Avid Technologies Director of Corporate Development

  • “I would strongly encourage meeting Architect Partners before selecting a financial advisor.”

    —Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire CEO

  • “Our advisor and team brought excellent sector knowledge, sound judgment and aggressive M&A process management…He’s my first call next time around.”

    —Matt Harris, iLoop Mobile CEO

  • “Architect Partners became a trusted advisor to Skyfire Labs.”

    —Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire CEO

  • “Architect Partners quickly got us in front of the right people at the right companies.”

    —Ken Emerson, Mazooma Co-Founder and CEO

  • “Smart, unflappable, part coach and part therapist and has been there before.”

    —Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire CEO

  • “Architect Partners is the ideal boutique M&A advisory firm…they work tirelessly on behalf of their clients and will stick with the assignment until its completion.”

    —Fred Wang, Trinity Ventures General Partner

  • “Architect Partners proved a great choice for Skyfire.”

    —Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire CEO

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