The AP Difference

If you’re an entrepreneur, venture capitalist or corporate executive engaged in corporate or product strategy and M&A, Architect Partners is dedicated to assisting you.  We’re a new breed of investment banking boutique.

What Makes Architect Partners Different?

We Represent Innovation

We speak in the language of Silicon Valley, not Wall Street.  In Silicon Valley, strategic imperative, not finance, drives meaningful, premium-valued acquisitions.

M&A Advice is Our Only Business

Some offer a laundry list of services; we don’t.  We only focus on Mergers & Acquisition advisory.  Architect Partners delivers entrepreneurs (a) the right executives, (b) at the right acquirers, (c) with the right unique strategic message, (d) delivered with the right tone.  Ideally, we start helping long before a transaction is imminent to help get your business bought, not sold.

We Believe in Transparency

We don’t hide behind an opaque veil.  We openly share our perspective and thoughts on strategy and M&A in real-time via our strategy and M&A research efforts.  M&A Alert, Ecosystem Thoughts and M&A Snapshot are references for thousands of public company executives, entrepreneurs and VCs in the Internet | mobile | digital media sector.

We Get Deals Done

Over the course of our careers, hundreds of clients have trusted us to help guide strategic transactions worth billions of dollars globally.