Our Services

Dedicated to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives engaged in corporate strategy and M&A—we’re a new breed of investment banking boutique.

Our Services

Informal Business Development and M&A Strategy

Get us involved early.  M&A is a natural outcome of pursuing your independent growth.  Building direct business relationships with your ultimate acquirer is one of the best ways to catalyze premium valued M&A.  We frequently help entrepreneurs and Boards assess best partner fits, make introductions and act as an informed sounding board.  We help you get bought, not sold.

Seller Advisory & Execution

Architect Partners is well known for helping innovative companies crisply catalyze and assess M&A options.  Our decades of relationship building in the Internet | mobile | digital media sector allows us to deliver a) the right executives, b) at the right acquirers, c) with the right unique strategic message, d) delivered with the right tone.  We aggressively manage process including unsolicited approaches, exclusive negotiation, modified auctions and auctions.

Corporate Divestitures

Corporate divestitures are strategically important transactions.  Speed and efficiency are many times paramount.  We have a long legacy of working with large public clients and understand how to aggressively manage, both internally and externally, effective and crisply executed divestiture processes.

Strategic Ownership Stake Sales

Corporate VC’s are active acquirers of minority stake investments in promising private companies.  Architect Partners has direct relationships with key principals and maintains a frequent dialog to keep a fresh understanding of objectives and focus areas.  The vast majority of M&A transactions are executed between companies that already work together.  A minority investment from the right strategic partner is an excellent source of capital as well as sets the stage for an important long-term business relationship.