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Ecosystem Thought — October 25th, 2012

HTML5 ARRIVES – the chink in Apple’s armour?

Author: Architect Partners

The big guns were just shot over Apple’s walled garden.

Walmart VUDU and Amazon Kindle released websites that mimic the look, feel and user experience of the now ubiquitous downloaded app.  These sites are built using the new, much talked about HTML5 standard, are readily accessible using Apple’s Safari browser and are optimized for use on the iPad.  Access to these site can also be converted into a simple home screen icon with just two clicks,  visually looking just like all your other downloaded apps.

The motivation? Avoiding Apple’s iTunes Store approval process and mandated 30% share of revenue. This is the first time major brands have so explicitly challenged Apple’s control.

Another big benefit.  Build once, run on any device.  These HTML5 websites can be readily accessed from any PC, tablet or mobile device from any manufacturer without expensive and time consuming adaptations.

This is the first shot in a long war.

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