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Ecosystem Thought — October 25th, 2012

It’s Good to be a Developer!

Author: Architect Partners


I was just reading a GigaOM article noting the incredible growth in the mobile app market – 1 million mobile apps and counting.  Importantly, these mobile apps are generating real revenues – Gartner expects mobile apps to bring in $15 billion in revenue this year, while Juniper Research believes app revenues could hit $32 billion by 2015.

I couldn’t help thinking, “It’s good to be a mobile application developer these days.”

At a time when consumers (and enterprises) focus on metrics like ‘number of apps in the marketplace’ it’s easy to understand why mobile operating systems and mobile development platforms are courting app developers with so much attention and so many resources.

Interestingly, many tech industry heavyweights have used acquisitions of these application development platforms as opportunities to acquire important developer mindshare and capabilities.  Recent transactions include Salesforce’s acquisition of Heroku, Adobe’s acquisition of Nitobi (PhoneGap), Motorola’s acquisition of RhoMobile and Facebook’s acquisition of Strobe.

I’m sure we will see more transactions in the application development platform space as the major web technology incumbents look to stake out or shore up their positions in the mobile app economy.

Additionally, we’re seeing some acquisitions among the mobile app development platforms (e.g, Appcelerater’s acquisitions of Particle Code and Aptana) and web services as well (e.g., UrbanAirship’s acquisition of SimpleGeo) as they look to extend their own value propositions to the developers.

All this got me thinking that it would be helpful to share a visual of the Application Development Ecosystem that we at Architect Partners use in our discussions with various industry players.  We highlight many (not all) of the key players.

So here you go.  Any and all comments are appreciated.

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