M&A Snapshot

Q1 2017 M&A Snapshot

Posted On: April 4th, 2017

Sector Status:

M&A activity continues to show good momentum this past quarter.  Deal volume, total consideration exchanged and average deal size all continued an upward trend from a year ago.

By its nature, M&A transactions generally represent an effort to achieve an incremental step forward by the acquirer.  Not often do we see a truly “strategic” transactions, but this past quarter, Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye for $15.4 billion (42x LTM revenue!) certainly fell into that category.

Via this acquisition, Intel has clearly acknowledged that the automobile/truck is rapidly becoming an important new “computing platform”.  As well said by ReCode last year, vehicles now contains (or will soon):

… supercomputer-level performance, the highest-end GPUs, multiple large-size, high-resolution displays, surround-sound-enabled high-resolution audio, integrated 4G connectivity, multiple-function-specific controllers, voice- and touch-based modes of input, a dedicated connectivity bus for internal communications between subsystems, millimeter-level location and mapping accuracy, multiple high-resolution camera inputs, and a high-level operating system that can even virtualize guest OSes

Mobileye secures Intel an important strategic position as autonomous vehicles become the new reality over the next decade.

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