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Open Mobile Summit

San Francisco, CA
Nov. 10 - 11, 2014

The Open Mobile Summit attracts over 600 of the world’s top strategic mobile executives from the most influential consumer facing brands, alongside the major MNO’s and device players that are at heart of the mobile ecosystem.

Red-hot mobile trends that will be discussed:

This year’s key topics will include:

  • Context is King: Explore the possibilities of using contextual data to create ‘anticipatory computing’ experiences that take a hold of ‘the moment’
  • Beyond the Box: The fight for the living room. With the explosive growth in mobile, the media landscape has changed rapidly. Look at content format and advertising economy adaptation for TV to survive
  • A New Era for the Mobile Network Operators:  MNOs are fighting hard against becoming a ‘dumb pipe’ for other OTT services. Explore innovation for new revenue in advertising, home and big data services
  • Next wave of Device Design: Have smart watches and glasses fallen victim to their own hype or is it still early days for the next wave of consumer technology?
  • The Never Ending Mobile App Marketplace: The mobile app economy is set to boom with advertising and app-enabled commerce making huge contributions. Figure out best ways to attract users and turn a profit
  • The In-Store Mobile Commerce Revolution: With the advent of beacon technology and proximity push notifications, the in-store consumer retail experience is shifting. Explore the marketing and product opportunities for brands